Lunch at Sushi Zanmai

It’s our fifth, and we’ve celebrated it with chopsticks and itadakimasu. 😉

Chawanmushi @ Sushi Zanmai

Chawanmushi @ Sushi Zanmai

It’s not a big celebration, but rather a simple lunch. As I have mentioned before, we’re quite on tipid mode. Okay, I might be using it as an excuse. But really, I am on that mode.

Anyway. We got there past 12:30 in the afternoon. Good thing is that when we arrived, there weren’t much people inside, because it is usually packed, especially on weekends. So, we were able to choose a good table – spotting the Sushi Bar, and seeing other customers pass by (people-watching), grabbed the menu, and started pin-pointing the what-seemed-like good stuff.

We ordered several dishes: Chuka Kurage (Seasoned Jellyfish) for appetizer – slimy but good, Umai-ya’s version is still better though; Chawanmushi – our must-order-when-eating-at-a-japanese-restaurant;Hottate Teriyaki (Escargot) – this was great; Kanikayo and California Maki – typical but above average; Chicken Katsudon – quite disappointing; and Ebi to Yasai Kakiage (Prawn and Veggie Tempura) – haven’t enjoyed as it was shrimp…allergies, you know the drill; and of course, Macha Ice Cream for dessert – Pats’ fave since Umai-ya Day 1.

We munched everything like hungry cows on a green meadow. No left overs. We didn’t have breakfast that day anyway. So, all is good and acceptable. Gutom…na…gutom…ako… 😛

Kanikayo Maki

Kanikayo Maki

Hottate Teriyaki :D

Hottate Teriyaki 😀

The dishes were good; I’m glad Pats liked my gift; I’m happy it’s the 5th; the best is, she’s with me. Mushy ain’t it? If you know me well, this is not my mushy mode yet. 😉

To see more pics, check my Facebook account. Add me up, if you know my fullname. 😛


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