PC Fair (Aug 2009)

Meet Cera…

It has been a year (okay, 2 days more) since I first step foot in Malaysia, and a lot of things has happened since then: personal and work life.

So now, since 1 year has passed, it’s time to give myself a gift (as if I haven’t): meet Cera – my new laptop. Yey! Finally, I have one! (self-pity enters here).

waiting to get out of the box

waiting to get out of the box

Sorry Macey, I guess you have to wait for some time again. You’ll have your chance…just wait…just wait…

The timing is actually a bit off as I just got my office laptop, passed on by Diko Beng Ghee as it was his last day at work yesterday. So, I have two laptops at hand now – office and personal, and once in a while, the support laptop as well – that makes three.

I have been eye-ing, to be honest, for the 13-inch Macbook Pro. But since I’m on a tight budget, this one fits the bill quite perfectly. Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned the model yet. The one I bought is an Acer Aspire 4736G. Hopefully, it performs well for gaming – I know this can’t handle Diablo 3 – but sure heck I’m gonna assemble a gaming desktop for that. *grin*. Counter-Strike / Starcraft, anyone?

Acer is not on the top of my list, and I was really looking for the ASUS M50VC series laptop since I believe Acer’s laptops doesn’t perform well – same thing I tell people who asks me about Acer. Unfortunately, the ASUS model I’m looking for is not being sold anymore for this quarter’s PC Fair, and the current models are not that quite good as well. Since the specs of this Acer laptop looks pretty neat, at a very decent price – compared to the laptops currently in the fair, I ate my word and took the bait.

Hopefully, this unit will last long and serve me well…’til I meet Macey. =P


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