Lunch at New Paris

In celebration of Diko Beng Ghee’s birthday yesterday, me and some of my colleagues had lunch at New Paris. It’s a Chinese restaurant in SS2, serving a wide variety of Chinese food.

We ordered 6 dishes, if I remember correctly: Deep-fried Squid, Marmite Pork Chop (?), Tofu with minced pork, chicken something, veggies, and last but definitely not the least – in fact, it’s the best IMO – Pork Knuckles (better known in PH as Crispy Pata). I felt my BP soared high again, felt very sleepy when we got back at the office. I felt all that cholesterol at the back of my neck and at my flabs. Despite that, I sure did miss that bad cholesterol. Oh sizzling sisig with egg…when can I have you again…

My rumbling stomach went from zero to overloaded. I was craving for hot tea or hot coffee the entire afternoon. If you’re not yet aware, I haven’t had coffee for quite sometime now – hyperacidity control enforced by Pats. So that afternoon, I insistently asked Pats if I could have a cup of coffee just for that afternoon – just one good, hot cup of joe. She said ok. Yey! But to my dismay, I spilled the freaking coffee on my desk, and, I didn’t even had a single f***ing sip! I was totally disappointed. I met the one-cup-of-coffee-for-this-time quota without even tasting it. Darn!

All is fair. Can’t have all the good things in one go…


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