Linlyn’s Baby Shower and the fireflies at Kuala Selangor

Yesterday, Linlyn, one of my CCMS colleagues, just had a baby shower for her upcoming baby boy. Sadly though, that might be her despedida party as well as she will be leaving for the Philippines by probably the end of this month.

Linlyn / Firefly Park

Linlyn / Firefly Park

Foods, games, chikitings, and other colleagues completed the party. Pancit, Buddee’s Pasta (which by the way we didn’t get to eat), Ginataang Kamote, Biko – my all-time fave kakanin, mini-cupcakes, chocolate ice cream on baby diapers, sago’t gulaman, and softdrinks filled our hungry appetites. My cravings for Pinoy food was satisfied that afternoon.

Linlyn, congratulations on your baby boy, goodluck on your future endeavors and God bless! 🙂

Later that night, Onin, Tonette, Paul, Zari, Pats and I went to Kuala Selangor to go catch some fireflies. Since late last year, I’ve been planning to go there to check the fireflies park, as well as the other attractions in Kuala Selangor. Unfortunately, it didn’t push-through. I’ll let you in in a little secret…I initially planned to admit everything to Pats there, with the firefles, but it eventually turned out to be just my Plan B. =P Plan A worked far more better. 😀

Moving on. The drive from PJ to Kuala Selangor took us around 2 hours. We reached the Fireflies Park at around 8 in the evening and to our surprise, there were lots of tourists. We thought that we were the only ones going there since there were only few cars going the same way as us. So, we waited for our turn, took a few more pictures, then off we went for the boat. It was dark and dead-silent, not until the boat started moving. Among the number of people on the boat, we were the only noisy bunch – not a surprise.

Several groups of fireflies were occupying a number of mangroves, lights blinking as if christmas lights were placed on them. It was fantastic but, IMO, a bit overrated. Nevertheless, it was worth the trip. After the trip, off we went to a nearby seafood restaurant in Pasir Penambangan – or something to that name. We ordered several dishes having prawns, crabs, bean curd, and chicken. As you may have already known, I am allergic to prawns and crabs, so I ended up scouring the honey chicken. But, I still had a taste of the Deep-fried Mantis Prawn, and the crab cream something. I itched after that. Hehe.

We went staright home after the dinner, and buying some delicacies. It was tiring but heck fun.


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