Dinner at Imperial Garden

4th ^^

4th ^^

It’s a friday once again, well it’s Saturday now. Anyway, Pats and I celebrated our 4th. It has been 4 months already. How time flies. We were just having Teh Tarik back then…. *reminisce* For this month, we just spent the night at a nearby restaurant (10 minutes walk from the office) since I still have to do something for work.

Yes! Somebody is trying to kill my social life! Darn you robot! Darn you! *cursing*

Going back, since I still have to work and monitor something important for the project, we just decided to pursue the initial plan of having dinner at The Imperial Garden. It is a Chinese restaurant situated near the condominium we used to stay in – Istarra Condominium.

The plan was just to have dimsums but ended up having a set meal++. There are 6 set meals with several choice of dishes. For 2 pax, we settled for Set A – RM38.80++ consisting of 3 dishes (meat, fish, bean curd), soup of the day, 2 plain rice, and a dessert. Seems like a good offer for RM38. Since we’re still a bit full from Tonette’s Krispy Kreme treat, and we don’t eat rice for dinner anymore, we thought that that set was enough.

For appetizer, we ordered Grilled Fresh Scallops Skewer (additional RM28) – 4 grilled scallops with button mushroom and red capsicum drizzled with a sweet and curry-like sauce. This one is quite good but rather expensive. They also served the Soup of the Day – Yam with bulalo-wannabe soup. It’s not that bad, but not that good either. For the dishes, we had Sweet & Sour Fish (so Chinese-y), Stewed Sliced Pork with Preserved Vegetables (sounds jurassic), and Sizzling Bean Curd with Minced Meat. These 3 dishes tastes good and worth the price. You can have the same dish though from a Chinese Hawker for a cheaper price. It’s a special day! So, I don’t care. For dessert, I don’t want to talk about it. Nothing to miss.

With all of the above dishes + service tax and government tax, our bill reached RM90 something. Quite expensive, but as I mentioned a while ago, it’s a special day. It’s worth a try as well since we have been wondering for a while now how expensive the dishes are in this restaurant.

Happy Monthsary Pats! Thanks for the breakfast in bed, and for the gift. ^^


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