Dinner with Mark at Pasta Zenmai

It was a friday. As planned, I went out of the office earlier than usual. Despite of the unfinished “additional” task that “ate” was targetting to finish yesterday, I scrammed off of the office without looking back – I might turn into a pillar of salt if I did. Literally, she might have chased me to finish that testing. It was her project’s fault it got delayed, putting me in that 3 hour long meeting. I could’ve spent an hour of it completing the test. Sheesh!

CRP - KL Chapter

CRP - KL Chapter

So, off the office, back to the house to get my cam, and straight to Midvalley Megamall with Buddee to meet-up with the other ex-CRP People. Sherwin and his stories were there, Charisse and Leo with all smiles, Kristin and her Coke, Jeng tired from work but still kicking, Buddee and his cam, Em and a ton of rice, Pats and Me, and, of course, Mark Malanum from Australia (not with a kangaroo though) – CRP’s former manager, before Bossing A.

We had dinner at Pasta Zenmai, a fusion resto, serving mostly Japanese Cuisine with a twist – Katsudon Pasta, unusual I should say. The food was great, delicious at a not-so-expensive price. I had a beef Onsen something rice meal which was good. Pats had the Katsudon Pasta, which eventually I finished. I had a taste of the Sirloin Steak from Kristin which was also good. The rest seems delicious as well as all of them enjoyed their meal. The best part of the dinner though was Sherwin’s rants and stories, never failed to cheer all of us up. The dinner was superb, the laughs were better.

After the dinner and chit-chats, one of the crews told us that the resto was about to close. So, we had no choice but to go out and find another place to hang-out and resume the fun. We ended up lounging at Delicious, where they ordered a few more desserts and drinks, and continued the rants and stories. After few more stories and hot-seat moments, we concluded the night as the crew from Delicious also told us that they were already closing – I hate MY because of this (Starbucks here closes early as well…pfft). More pichur-pichurs, then off we went back to our homes.

It was a fun reunion, even if Mark and I wasn’t officially introduced to each other until that night only. I have to admit, I miss CRP, all the fun and laugh-trip moments. Incomparable. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Dinner with Mark at Pasta Zenmai

    1. di ko na nga sinabi ung incident, binanggit mo pa ren.. hehe πŸ˜›

      unga ung libre ni mabait na Ron…sana’y maulit muli… nyahahah


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