Turkey and a Four-Bagger

Nope, not the real turkey in a grocery bag…but that could be good though. =P

Strike. Double. Turkey. Four-bagger. Get it?

After a couple of years, and after missing my supposedly first CCMS team building, I was back in the bowling alley, hitting pins, and striking poses.

Proof? Hehe

Proof? Hehe

Yesterday was CCMS team’s first teambuilding for this year, and it was held at Cosmic Bowling Alley in MidValley – not meant to rhyme, really. Not meant again. Being the appointed leader of Team Wolverine, I really had no choice since I was on-leave the day the appointed me, I ought to attend the event, would love to. I have to admit, I was a bit of a bowling addict during my high school days. Before, when there was still a bowling alley near our place, I see to it that I play at least once a week, even for just one game. So, when I held the bowling ball again yesterday, the sporty blood started pumping in to my wrist once more. Exagg? Yes. Hehe.

I had a double during the first game, two consecutive strikes filling X’s for frame 1 and 2. Lucky strikes. A four-bagger on my second game. Really, really lucky that night – my first time for a four-bagger actually. Hehe. Despite the consecutive strikes, I scored 133 and 177 for games 1 and 2, respectively. Quite low, really. Some of the frames were not even Spared! But unexpectedly, I ranked 1st in the entire event. Another first. Haha. And our team – Team Wolverine, ranked as first runner up in this competition. A good start, ain’t it?

After the event, Buddee, Zari, Pats and I had a hearty dinner at a Chinese restaurant along with some of our Chinese colleagues. We had deep-fried Tilapia and Hakka Stewed Pork – I forgot the exact name of the dish but it was something to that sort. Both dishes were good. Next time, we could try the other dishes as they seem delicious as well. It’s a date then! 😉


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