KL Marathon 2009



My first ever marathon has finally concluded. No major injuries, lungs were able to hang on the entire run, and was still capable of running more. Surprisingly surprising, aint it? I’ve had no major preparations at all, that’s what surprises me. Haha. I was totally in doubt that I’ll be able to complete the race in less than 2 hours as I was already assuming that I’ll walk most of the time. But alas! I was jogging more, short walks just to catch my breath and wait for Pats and Zari. Yebah!

The three of us were able to complete the 10 km run at around 1 and a half hour, I think. No pressure for us actually, as we were doing it mainly for fun. And, we’re looking forward to the free bananas at the finish line, atta inspiration right? Haha. The weather was good – a bit cold, as we started the run at 7:10 am. Best time to run IMO, as Pats and I usually jog around that time. It’s somehow irritating though that there were several places where we have to run alongside vehicles, as some of the roads were not closed to traffic. Tsk tsk… We managed to complete the race unscathed, that’s good enough.

And as usual, pictures came after collecting our bananas and finisher medals at the finish line. We even managed to do jump shots despite our tired feet and legs. Pats = Adik. And after that, we went straight home. Well, after filling our already-crumbling stomachs at Burger King first.

Later in the afternoon, since I was able to complete the run, I had to reward myself with…with…with… Roma’s Rack! Pats and I had a rewarding dinner at Tony Roma’s in MidValley. Despite our tired legs and sleepy bodies, we still managed to go to the mall, initially to watch Transformers but tickets were already sold out. So, we just ended up strolling around, going through sales, and buy some groceries. Talk about that good ol’ mole on the foot, and itchy spending-hands huh? =P

My eyes are shutting now though. My dinner should have been digested by this time. I think it’s time to doze off and let these aching legs of mine rest. *snores*


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