lookout point

After a busy Friday at the office, Pats, Tonette, Onin, and I went to Look-out Point in Hulu Langat, Ampang to relax a little, have a nice dinner, and have some chit-chats. And as the name of the area suggests, it gives a magnificent view of KL city during the night. If you’ve been in the Philippines, this is similar to Antipolo – overlooking Metro Manila. I haven’t been there though. =P

KL City @ night

KL City @ night

It was quite foggy/hazy that night. So, there were no visible clouds and stars. Nevertheless, it was a rewarding sight after a long day. The pictures I took were a bit blurry though. Thanks to my shaky hands and poor eyesight – I need to have contacts soon. ^^v

One thing to take note though, the place is a bit far and there’s no other means of public transport except by taxi. Try ‘googling’ for the way to get there. If you have your own car…isama mo naman ako!

There are 3 restaurants to choose from, as far as I know and based on what I saw: Bread & Olives Cafe, Gasoline Cafe, and another one. We had our dinner at Bread & Olives Cafe. The restaurant was not that crowded at the top floor – non-smoking area, as there were only about 10 people that time. But the second floor, smoking area, has more people as the view there is better.

The food was not that superb but was good enough to fill a starving stomach. Pats and I ordered Pasta Marinara, and Fatayer (Mediterranean Mini Pizzas), while Tonette and Onin ordered some sort of chicken barbeque (forgot what it’s called :p). They serve western and mediterranean dishes. We asked how big the pizza is. According to the waiter, the size of the pizzas is similar to that of McDonald’s. Wow!

So…we didn’t order the pizza. I’m not aware that McDonald’s serves pizza nowadays. =P

lookout point collage

The night was good, the dinner, the view. But the trip going there and back home was better. Goodluck Onin! Nyahaha!


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