sa-wat dee

Despite the scorching heat of the summer sun, the swine flu scare, the already-Boracay-tanned skin of Pats, and the we’re-not-sure-if-we-still-have-work-next-month-so-we-have-to-save-money-NOW mindset, Pats and I went to Phuket to have our blue-sky holiday – a well-deserved one, I should say.


At 5:30 in the morning, off we went to LCCT, aboard Uncle Cannan’s cab – Kristin’s Knight in Shining Teksi. He drove way past the speedlimit, which made us reach the airport in less than an hour (yeah yeah, it’s all because we woke up late). And at past 7am, after a quick doughnut and hot coffee at Dunkin Donuts, we boarded flight AK822. Pats was seating in the front of my seat. Darn that airline crew! So, I ended up sleeping off the entire flight.

After an hour and so so… Sa-wat dee Phuket!

We arrived at the hotel around 10 AM. We checked-in and went outside to take a stroll, but most importantly to find a cheap package tour to Phi Phi Island. Yes, “cheap” is a must as we were on a budget tour lah. Lunch at a roadside diner came after that. One thing we noticed is that the area has lots, and I mean lots, of optical shops and boutiques for men’s suits. Suits, I quite understand because of the ‘white’ tourists. Optical shops, I don’t.

Moving on…

In the afternoon, we did few activities… 4:00 to 6:30PM -> SLEEP…

Ok, the real thing:
6:30 PM – went to Patong Beach to take a stroll-by-the-shore, and do Pats’ jump shot trial pics.
7:30~ish PM – wandered along Patong Street, where “White People” gather and Locals scatter [get what I mean? *grin*], to window shop and to find a good place to hang-out. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any.
9:00 PM – had dinner at the uberly “rare” McDonalds. We just had to try that pork burger Diko Beng Ghee suggested. Afterwhich, we have decided to just stay at the hotel’s pool area to take a swim.
Around 10:00 PM – So unfortunate, the pool was closed already. So, we ended up lounging at Deevana’s pool side (pichur-pichur and well…drinks).

The following day, we prepared for our Phi Phi Island tour. At around 10AM, we boarded the ferry that toured us around. First stop: Khai Island.

Beach umbrellas and chairs + white sand + blue sky + scorching heat of the sun + uber clear water + fishes + tourists in snorkeling gear. Do the math. 😉

After an hour of staying at Khai Island, off we went to the rest of the islands. However, the ferry just passed by some of them. We had our lunch at one of the locals’ house, where they served local dishes and performed a local dance. Then we continued the tour and stopped at a snorkeling area at Phi Phi Don. The ferry stopped a hundred meters and so away from the shore. Pats and I wore our goggles and snorkel, jumped off, and spent an hour snorkeling around with the other tourists. We tried to swim for the shore, but the moment when we were about a few meters away, they said that we couldn’t go there as we have to pay to enter. So, we just swam back to the boat. Darn! I was uber tired after an hour-long of snorkeling…Pats know why. Haha. But it was fun.

We were given an hour to spend to stroll around Phi Phi Pier after. Boutiques, tattoo shops, fruit shakes, souvenir shops, accessories, scuba, and lots of tourists. So this is where they’ve all gathered! It seems better here at night than in Patong Street. Oh well…next time. And with that, we have concluded our day tour around Phi Phi Island.

We got back at the hotel around 6pm. After a quick shower, we went to the airport to board our plane back to KL.

The trip was tiring, but it was well worth it. Where to next? Let’s see. 😀

*** pictures to follow 😀


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